How I Cleared The BIOS Password
on a Dell Inspiron 3520 laptop

I tried to enter BIOS to change the boot order, and it locked me out completely. Earlier I was able to start Windows, but now it wouldn't even start anymore. When I pushed the power button, it would turn on and immediately ask me for the password. I couldn't do anything!!!

Here is how I erased the password: I took the laptop apart completely and removed the motherboard. I removed the tiny 3-Volt lithium battery from the motherboard which supplies power for the CMOS memory. (Usually this alone will do the trick, but in this case it wasn't enough!) Next, I removed the memory. I left the fan and the processor attached to the motherboard, but I disconnected every cable that plugs into the motherboard. With a 3x3" piece of aluminum foil, I gently brushed all the solder joints on the circuit board on both sides making sure it touched every metal part. Few minutes later, I reassembled the laptop. When I pushed the power button, the laptop immediately came on, and it did not ask me for a password anymore. Job well done! :-)

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    Last Update: Nov. 2, 2017