On this page, you will find various x86 assembly functions and examples I have written. If you find something useful and want to incorporate it into your program, feel free to do so. No need to ask for permission. Just copy and use whatever you like.

Most of these programs work in DOS mode, however they can be modified to be incorporated in other environments as well.

Assembly Functions & Programs

rdtsc.asm - reads the processor's 64-bit cycle count register and displays it in hexadecimal format

loadcmos.asm - reads the CMOS memory contents

savecmos.asm - overwrites the CMOS memory contents

xor.asm - encrypts a file using the XOR operator

ucase.asm - converts a string to all uppercase letters

example.asm - This assembly program contains several functions including number conversion, printing, keyboard input, etc.

print.asm - This assembly program uses an unconventional way of saving registers and passing arguments.

add.asm - This program adds two very large integers (by "large," I mean it can have up to 125 digits) It compiles with TASM and runs in DOS.

Last Update: April 4, 2021       [ This page contains some of Zsolt's assembly programs. ]