On this page, you will find various JavaScript functions and examples I have written. If you find something useful and want to incorporate it in your website or application, feel free to do so. No need to ask for permission. Just copy and use whatever you like.

I learned JavaScript programming on my own when I was 18. Programming is one of my hobbies. JavaScript is probably the most popular programming languages in the world right now.

JavaScript Functions & Programs

CopyDir4.js - JavaScript program that copies an entire directory from one location to another

RenameUnicode.js - JavaScript program that removes Unicode characters from file and directory names

transpose.html - JavaScript program transposes Excel spreadsheet from vertical to horizontal

PasteFromCSV.js - Reads a CSV file, copies the values and pastes them into QuickBooks or any other program.

Memory.js - Shows total memory, used & free memory, uptime, number of processes and threads on Windows

MakeM3U.js - Creates M3U playlists for Windows Media Player

ZLIB.JS - my JavaScript library - These are functions I use. It's my JavaScript "toolbox."

jsObfuscator.html - my JavaScript obfuscator

template.js - my template for creating standalone JS scripts that run on the local computer

painter.html - a JavaScript game (I didn't write this)

JavaScript Examples

circles.html - Shows how to draw circles in JavaScript

dirlist.js - Shows how to read directory & file contents using JavaScript

formvalidation.html - shows how to validate a sample form

getElementById.html - shows how to use getElementById()

select.html - how to read values from a drop-down menu

FindString.html - shows how the indexOf() function works

filterFunction.html - how to pass a function as an argument

extractURL.html - extracts web addresses from a string

buttons.html - shows how to create buttons

buttonsExpire.html - how to create buttons that expire

binary.html - example of an obfuscated JavaScript program

self.html - how to read and write page html source

sortlist.html - example of sort() method

redclick.html - how to capture clicks

progressbar.html - progress bar example

SetDesktop.js - Changes the desktop folder on Windows XP

Last Update: May 16, 2023