On this page, you will find various free Stock Market related scripts which I have written. One particular script here extracts stock and options transactions from Robinhood's 1099 tax forms which is needed for doing tax returns. Maybe you won't need it, but your accountant might. Most brokerage firms provide this data in various other file formats, but Robinhood only provides it in PDF format, which is unfortunate.

XChart - a simple chart viewer I made

Chart Explorer - allows me to scan through all stocks in existence

RandomCharts - produces a computer-generated price chart based on some initial values

Chart List Viewer - displays several charts in one window (currently doesn't work!)

Robinhood Trade Calculator - helps you find out how much profit or loss you will have on a trade

Robinhood PDF2CSV - This perl script helps you convert YR2020 Robinhood 1099 PDFs to CSV format

Schwab PDF2CSV - This perl script helps you convert YR2020 Schwab 1099 PDFs to CSV format

Last Update: Mar 18, 2021